My grandpa is retiring in a couple months..he’s 68. Dude has been working since he was 9. My great-grandpa made him work at his cement factory. My grandpa is a millionaire. Now he gets to enjoy retirement to the fullest. And he’s still thinking about starting a plumbing business. If a hard work ethic is instilled, good things will come of it.

Anonymous Do you think that Presidents should choose non-partisan people as their Surgeon General nominees?


Ideally, yes, but I don’t see the Surgeon General as being a significant enough position to justify a big fight over. I find it laughable that the people who constantly criticize the President for missteps and faulty responses from the Executive branch to emerging crises are the same people who categorically refuse to confirm the people appointed to do the jobs that need to be done.

Honestly, at this point in his Presidency and in the position that President Obama is in right now, I’d just say, “Fuck it”, with my popularity and just keep calling Congress into an extraordinary session until they start acting on his appointments and making progress with some of the issues on the table. I wouldn’t care if it dropped my popularity from 40% down to 25%, pissed off my party, and angered the opposition. I’d call Congress back into a special session the week before Election Day and then highlight the fact that certain members were focusing on personal political concerns rather than the business of the nation. It’s to the point where President Obama just needs to make a stand. He’s already so unpopular that politicians from his own party don’t want him anywhere near the districts during the campaign cycle and when he does campaign for somebody, as he did for Maryland’s candidate for Governor this weekend, the crowd — Democratic voters and supporters — aren’t even sticking around for his speech.

I’d seriously just wash my hands of politics and be President. A President who has the brass to make things happen can use the powers of his position — no matter how unpopular he might be or how close to lame duck status he might be approaching — to get shit done. It’s time for that, and anybody in Congress from either party who stands in his way should either be prepared to work, kick rocks, or get steamrolled by the power of the Presidency. The President himself might be unpopular, but the office of the Presidency is never out of the fight, never irrelevant, and always capable of getting things done.  

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